Team Leader - Hydro Power Plant Feasibility Study

The objective of this technical assistance is therefore to develop a bankable-quality feasibility study, adopting national, EU and IFI best practices, such that KESH / Albania can proceed to project-based financing for the realisation of the next stages of this project.

The results will be an infrastructure investment project proposal which is of a quality and completeness that can be used by IFIs to enable a funding decision to be made.

Specific tasks of the Team Leader:
- Overall coordination of support, resources and expertise within this project team.
- Liaison with SPM Energy, Team Leader and coordination of resources from project offices.
- Report on project progress through monthly reports.
- Coordination and gaining agreement with KESH and Line Ministries as key beneficiaries regarding project results.
- Liaise with EBRD on a local basis, in conjunction with the IPF Country Manager.
- Oversee and participate in the preparation of the FS and lead the consultation with project stakeholders.
- Develop the project quality plan and the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) for the project.
- Conduct the institutional assessment at the KESH and make recommendations for implementation and training / staffing needs.
- Provide the planned training on preparation of FS to bankable standards and will support the delivery of the other envisaged training.
- Practically supervise the work of the Technical, Economics / Finance and Environmental / Social teams.
- A University Degree in Engineering
- At least 10 year's relevant experience gained internationally in a generation planning or operations role, or in finance and economics.
- Must have previous demonstrable experience of developing FS to bankable standards
- Prior experience of IFI-funded projects essential
- Practical project management experience and demonstrable hydropower development expertise
Water & Hydraulics
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Water & Hydraulics
180 working days
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