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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the "EBRD" or the "Bank") has approved a EUR 40 million Belarus Water Sector Framework (the "Framework") that consists of sovereign-guaranteed loans to water and wastewater companies in Belarus and capex grants from international donors. The Framework is facilitating critical improvements in selected water supply and wastewater treatment services in Polotsk, Orsha, Lida and other cities across Belarus with a primary focus on reducing pollution of the Baltic Sea basin and the Black Sea basin.

The overall objective of this assignment is to support a regionalisation approach in the water sector in Belarus. This implies assisting the Vitebsk Region, as the pilot region, in assessing the economic viability of this approach at the regional level, establishing a regional water company in a pilot region, and assessing how the regionalisation process in Vitebsk Region could subsequently be replicated at the country level.
Degree in Engineering
preferably with 8 years of relevant professional experience. The experts should have a good knowledge of the requirements of Belarusian legislation and/or the water sector. Knowledge of Belarusian is essential.
Water & Hydraulics
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Water & Hydraulics
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English, Russian