Airport Utilities - Team Leader

This project is focused on analysing all the characteristics of utilities management that are employed in the airport, like water, energy, indoor air quality and waste.
However, it is intended to observe, identify, measure and assess several aspects and impacts within these systems at Norman Manley International Airport.

It is necessary to examine current action and future scenarios, to recommend mitigation measures and operational improvements that would improve environmental
health factors or the management for saving costs, reducing risks to property and extending the economic life of invested assets.

The overall objective is to give enough information about the current situation to implement management measures as well as set in place a management and
monitoring agenda to be undertaken to ensure efficiency and sustainability of the operations and infrastructure over the next 20 or 25 years.
Education required
Masters or higher in Mechanical/Hydraulic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and/or Civil Engineering
Experience required
- Having a proven track record to lead, coordinate, and deliver assessments with substantive technical knowledge/experience and at least 15 years minimum post-qualification experience in the infrastructure/water sector
- Minimum 5 years of total professional experience in the field of transport
- Minimum 5 years of total working experience as a Team Leader or Project Manager
- At least 2 years spent in similar assignment
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