Drinking Water - Resident Engineer

In order to improve and secure the water supply to Mbarara, a new water treatment plant “WTP” will be built on the banks of river Kagera. TheWTP will be located on the west bank of the river, at Nshungyezi, 50 km South to Mbarara and close to the Tanzanian border. While the main purpose of Kagera WTP will be to secure Mbarara water supply, the location of Kagera WTP will allow to supply water to the rural areas on the way, especially Isingiro district.
Education required
Master’s Degree in Civil or Hydraulic Engineering or an equivalent
Experience required
- Minimum of 15 years working experience in the works supervision of water infrastructure
- Experience as Resident Engineer on not less than 3 previous projects similar in scale content, and complexity to this one
- Experience is required on large scale river intakes or river infrastructures drinking water treatment plants/systems (including transmission mains) through design and build / Yellow and Red FIDIC conditions of contract as Resident Engineer/Project Manager
- Extensive experience with IFIs
- Experience in developing countries and in Eastern Africa
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