Slum improvement - Institutional and Capacity Development Specialist

The prime objective of the SISHA project is to improve the living condition of the inhabitants of slum areas in five cities, to be selected from the identified eight cities, through:
- The upgrading and / or provision of water supply, drainage and wastewater management, solid waste management and road infrastructure in prioritized slum areas;
- The renewal of slum areas by improving the communal safety on fire hazard prone areas and the promotion of and development of open spaces;
- The strategic resettlement of priority slum area population particularly those located along bodies of water and disaster risk areas to resettlement sites with basic urban infrastructure and services that at least meet the minimum required standards in Indonesia; and
- Institutional Capacity Development for slum upgrading.
Education required
Degree in public administration or relevant field
Experience required
- 10 years for International expert and 8 years’ experience in institutional strengthening and organizational development, preferably on relevant projects in similar cities, ideally with government agencies and on donor funded projects (including ADB assignments).
- Experience of working in Indonesia (for the international expert) will be considered an advantage;
- Extensive experience in organizational assessment and analysis, together with the preparation of capacity development programs
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