Water Supply - Expert in audit of civil work in water Supply

The objective of the technical audit is to provide a factual report on the works/supplies/services carried out by the contractors in charge of the works and supplies and the consultant in charge of the associated supervision, with regard to the organisational, technical, safety, contractual and financial aspects during the implementation of the project.

The auditor shall provide to the Contracting Authority, the Supervisor and the European Commission recommendations to remedy errors that could have occurred or which can lead to improvements in implementation of the results of the project so that corrective/mitigation measures can be taken before the end of the guarantee period.
Education required
MSc in civil engineering/water supply engineering or in a relevant discipline directly relevant to the field of water supply
Experience required
- He/she must have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field of design, construction, audit and/or supervision of works
- Specific experience of 5 years is required in technical audit/evaluation, construction or supervision of civil works in water supply
- Experience in developing countries is appreciated
- Good knowledge of assessing construction methods used by works companies in the water sector substantiated by at least 3 experiences of evaluation or technical audit
- He/she must have a very good knowledge of the English language, spoken and written
- He/she should preferably have a good knowledge of EDF procedures with respect to project audit, monitoring/evaluation, disbursement, etc
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