Climate Change Project-Team Leader

The overall objective of the project is to support the development and implementation of
Nigerian Climate Change Response Program (NCCRP) to guarantee country’s economic
growth and development strategies while meeting its conditional 45% NDC targets by 2030.
The specific objective is to contribute to the creation of Nigeria’s GHG emission profile
with the aim of pinpointing mitigation actions reducing energy use and costs in favour of
renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. This will be mainly achieved through the
creation of sectoral MRVs (e.g. for energy and waste sectors) and a waste baseline
Education required
The team leader will be a position of at least 800 working days over the 48 month contract duration.
Experience required
- At least 12 years of professional experience relevant to the purpose of this contract,
out of which at least 5 years of experience must be in an African country.
- As a minimum, two project references related to the subject matter of the current
contract in African countries.
- Demonstrable knowledge and very good understanding of the environmental and
climate change mechanisms, systems and of the international climate negotiation
- Knowledge of Nigeria’s situation in the field of environment and/or energy and/or
waste management is regarded as a strong advantage.
- Demonstrable experience in capacity development in African context, as regards any
of the following (as demonstrated by list of recent projects of this kind, and brief
ention of the responsibility in the project):
-Environmental and climate change negotiation process – INDC-NDC, institutional
and legislative capacity building.
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