JORDANIE - Road - Data Collection Specialist

The Road Asset Management System (RAMS) is a planning tool that continuously collects, stores, and
presents road condition and inventory data as well as traffic data to inform the planning for short and
long-term road maintenance as well as Cost-Benefit-Analysis (CBA) and Life-Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis.
The RAMS will allow for better planning and budgeting for road maintenance and rehabilitation works,
a pre-condition for improving the efficiency of road maintenance.

The objective of this project is to establish a RAMS within the Ministry of Public Works and Housing's
Road Department to enhance the Ministry's organizational, technical, and decision-making process for
the planning, budgeting and implementation of its road maintenance programs and investments.
Experience required
Data Collection Specialist (20 Duration-Weeks) :

Experience in highway engineering projects including road and pavement condition data collection systems. The desirable qualification is a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with at least 10 years’ experience.
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