Multi-Climate Proofing-non key experts

JASPERS Support - Climate proofing and its integration in projects EIAs, Do No Significant Harm principle and on the quality of the EIA and AA for water, floods
and disaster risk management

The overall objective is to support JASPERS WAD team in providing technical assistance services to the relevant authorities, project beneficiaries and their consultants in the preparation of high quality EU co-financed water/wastewater, floods prevention, water management and disaster risk management projects compliant with the application of the EU legal and policy requirements
Education required
At least Master’s Degree level, or an academic equivalent, in the field relevant to this
Assignment, namely environmental engineer or similar
Experience required
General Professional experience:
-At least 10 years¡¦ experience in the field of environmental and/or climate change vulnerability and risk assessments related to the planning and assessment of projects.

Specific professional experience:
-working experience in carrying out environmental impacts assessments and preparation of environmental impact assessment reports for EU co-financed infrastructure projects, and particularly for drinking water supply and distribution and wastewater collection and treatment and flood prevention projects;
-Working experience in projects involving the implementation of the EIA, Habitats, Birds Directives or the WFD or working experience in projects involving climate change
vulnerability and risk assessment, assessment of other natural disaster-related risks and climate change mitigation including carbon footprint calculation;
-Working experience in projects involving knowledge of the legislation on the applicable ESIFs;
-Experience in social impact assessments;
-Working experience in implementing relevant guidance documents issued by the EC;
-Working experience in implementing relevant national legislation and guidance documents in any of the countries listed in Section 1.1 of these AToR;
-Working experience or prior involvement in EU co-financed project preparation, in particular if the projects have been approved by the EC;
-Working experience in the EU, particularly in cohesion countries;
-Working experience in FS preparation and other similar documents (required for CF/ERDF projects);
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