Value Chain Assessment: EU Support to Agriculture Value Chain Facility (EU VACE) NG

The global objective of this study is to identify agricultural value chains and commodities to be prioritized in the upcoming EU projects in Nigeria under the 2021-2027 project cycle
Education required
We are looking for a KE3

Number of working days: 15
Experience required
The expert shall have the following: at least a Master’s degree in data management, economics, agriculture, social
sciences or development studies; a strong data management and analysis background, at least 8 years progressive
work experience in data analysis in agriculture or economic ventures.

General professional experience
1. Excellent knowledge of qualitative and quantitative data analysis
2. Academic qualifications, previous research analysis work attesting to this experience are required.
3. Excellent knowledge in data management, visualization and cleaning
4. Good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate and negotiate clearly and effectively at all levels,
taking into account cultural and language difficulties with tact and diplomacy.
5. Availability to travel domestically for fieldwork, to carry out interviews and lead focus groups discussions.
6. Proved international experience would be an asset.
7. Ability to work under very tight security constrain locations.
8. Ability to work independently under a well-defined consultancy framework.
9. Attention to detail, ability to work in teams, and under tight deadlines

Specific professional experience
1. Good knowledge of the main sources of information and statistics for the collection of primary and
secondary Agri- market and employment data in Nigeria or other countries in the region.
2. Relevant experience in similar studies in Nigeria is preferred.
3. Familiarity with Nigerian Agricultural policies and jobs programs/policies.
4. Advanced experience in data analysis, ideally in the context of Nigeria or other countries in the region.
5. Academic qualifications, previous research analysis work attesting to this experience are required.
Interested in this project? Please send your CV by email: with the reference 235/642/005B /PMO in subject
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