SRI LANKA - Urban Infrastructure TL

1. Background:
The Ministry of Provincial Councils, Local Government, and Sports (MPCLGS), Government of Sri
Lanka (GoSL) is planning to take up sustainable development initiatives in key strategic towns / cities of the
country with growth potential. 25 Local Authorities are selected for this purpose (One potential town / city
for each district) in order to develop them as model towns, the development of which could be later
replicated in other towns of the district. The list of the 25 towns is provided vide Annexure 1 to this ToR.
The map showing the locations of the town is provided in Annexure 2.
In this endeavour, Government of Sri Lanka and Asian Development Bank (ADB) have agreed to work
together, with ADB agreeing in principle to provide financial assistance for the Project.
In order to ensure project readiness before approval of the main loan, ADB has agreed to provide an
Urban Project Preparatory Facility (UPPF) through a Technical Assistance (TA) Loan for Sri Lanka which
is envisaged to strengthen project readiness by completing advanced feasibility studies, detailed designs,
and procurement actions meeting ADB financing requirements, and building capacities of implementing
agencies in the urban sector prior to main project approval.
The subject consultancy assignment is planned to be financed through said TA Loan

5) The main objectives of the assignment are to:
(i) Update the present status of the service sector(s) with regard to sub projects identified, in the local
authority area;
(ii) Work out the technical, financial, economic, environmental and social feasibility of each package
individually and the total package of the local authorities as a whole;
(iii) Conduct necessary surveys and investigations required to design and implement the subprojects
(iv) Prepare feasibility report, detailed design, drawings and cost estimates for implementation of
subprojects including reports on measures on environmental and social safeguards (resettlement
requirements / indigenous people issues if any) and designs take care of climate change factors.
(v) Identify capacity building requirements and implement the capacity building programs to the
stakeholders implementing the project;
(vi) Assist in the procurement of works and goods (mainly includes preparation of bid documents,
procurement plan, assisting in bid evaluation until award of works.).
(vii) Assist the implementing agencies in project readiness activities for commencement of construction
(viii) Assist the Local Authorities in preparation of Reform Plans and its implementation and assist the EA
in review of the progress of the reform actions until completion of the assignment. Suggest
methodologies of implementation of the reform plans.
Education required
The preferred
qualification is a graduate civil engineer with post graduate degree in Urban Planning Civil Engineering
Experience required
around 15 years of experience in senior positions in urban infrastructure development projects
preferably funded by external funded agencies. The expert is responsible for overall management of the
assignment and all the outputs. The expert would guide the team on submission of the quality deliverables
on schedule. Team leader will be responsible for overall project management and administration, appraisal
of subproject as required, advice on procurement and bid process management.
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