The key tasks of the Port Engineer Team Leader will include, but shall not be limited to the following:

Take overall responsibility for delivering the services in ensuring timely and effective delivery of the project, and in particular of the construction contract for the Niutao harbour.
Be responsible for day-today management of the consultant team in delivering their responsibilities under the contract
Provide direct support to the MCT/PMU in delivery of the project and reporting of progress to the government and the ADB;
Monitor project progress and report progress and issues encountered, and proposals for their resolution to MCT/PMU;
Take responsibility for preparation of monthly reports, review and finalisation of sector reports and preparation of the project completion report to PMU, the Government and ADB; and
Engage with other third parties, including the detailed designers regarding any aspects of the work on site that requires their input.
Education required
degree in civil engineering, transportation engineering
Experience required
The candidate shall possess a degree in civil engineering, transportation engineering or a related discipline and possess at least 15 years of experience in design, project management, and implementation of maritime projects, of which some should be in the region. Experience in developing countries, particularly in the Pacific region, and working with development agencies is preferred.
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