Team Leader - Public finance management

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to increased fiscal sustainability and sound management of public finances in line with EU requirements.

The purpose of the project is to fully implement a multi-annual budgeting framework and programme-based budgeting as well as to further improve public internal financial control and transparency in public finance management.

The Team Leader will be in charge of the overall project coordination and quality control of project deliverables, by ensuring that problems are identified and eradicated rapidly. As five other technical assistance projects in the field of public finance management will be ongoing at the same time of this project2, the Team Leader will also assure coordination with and among the activities of the six projects by guaranteeing a close and constant cooperation with the team leaders of each of the ongoing technical assistances.
Education required
- A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies of at least 4 years attested by a diploma in economics, finance, management or related
- High quality analytical and document drafting skills, proven through analysis, reports, etc.
- At least 5, but preferably 7 years of professional experience in the area of public finance management
- Experience as long term key expert in at least one, but preferably two projects in public finance management
- Knowledge on EU project management methodology gained through the participation as a key expert in at least 1 project financed by the EU
- Experience in the preparation, execution and monitoring of state annual budget
- Experience in designing and implementing programme budgeting
- Experience in designing and implementing Medium Term Budgetary Framework, including capital budgeting

- Proficient knowledge of English language
- Knowledge of the local language would be considered as an asset.
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