Team Leader - Travaux de resurfaçage, études de traffic et de signalisation des études de tracé

Education required
At least a Master's Degree or higher in civil engineering
Experience required
- At least 20 years of relevant experience in comparable road, overpass and traffic engineering works in an urban environment
- S/he must have extensive knowledge of international best practices in road planning, engineering, economics, institutional assessment, contract procedures and project follow-up
- S/he shall also have a proven track-record of successfully managing and coordinating as team leader a diverse group of professionals in accomplishing studies or projects of similar nature and complexity
- The PM/TL shall have led at least 3 projects per year in urban engineering dealing with road and/or utilities design and/or rehabilitation totaling over 30 M USD/year in value of works in the last 5 years
- Provide at least three references preferably from city officials

The role of the PM/TL is to provide overall direction and management of the entire team and resources to meet the objectives and timelines outlined under this assignment
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Construction & Infrastructures
Ivory Coast
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Construction & Infrastructures
18 to 20 man-months
Long term
Working language
English, French
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