AZERBAIJAN - clean up - hydrology

Feasibility Study for Lake Khojasan Sustainable Cleanup and Area Rehabilitation.

The objective of the study is to provide the GoA with viable technical and economic options for sustainable remediation and area redevelopment of the Khojasan Lake and adjacent areas.
Education required
-team leader
-hydrology specialist
-soil and water surveyors
Experience required
The consultant team will be led by Team Leader with a University degree and 15 years' experience in environmental engineering focusing on remediation projects (land and water bodies) environmental risk analysis. The TL will have experience in leading and managing multidisciplinary teams, to ensure coordination among team experts and excellent communication and reporting skills. Tl will be fluent in English. TL’s estimated inputs are 18 man-months.

Team experts will have advance university degrees with concentration in the areas of their topical responsibilities for contributions to the study. They shall have at least five years professional experience after graduating in the technical fields specified below.

The key experts that will comprise the study team will be:
• Hydrology specialist with experience in water flow modelling, surface and ground water management, water quality and pollution mitigation, and sediment management (estimated input 8-10 man-months)
• Toxicologist shall have knowledge of human health exposure effects and paths to Hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and other chemical contaminants. (estimated inputs 4-5 man-months)
• Soil and water surveyors shall have experience in sampling, testing and interpretation of oil contaminated soils, waters, ground water and sediment (estimated total of 4-5 man-months)
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