KYRGYZSTAN - Wastewater Feasibility Study - Water experts

South Kyrgyz Water Projects

The overall objective of the Assignment is to provide the Bank with the information, analysis and recommendations it needs to comprehensively assess, structure and approve the Project for EACH city
Education required
The Assignment will be led by an appropriately qualified team leader/water engineer, accompanied by both key and supporting experts.
Experience required
Based on the fields of expertise, it is proposed that the team includes the following international and local experts:

o Project Manager/Team Leader with a preferred minimum of 15 years professional experience in the field of water supply and wastewater management, with comprehensive experience of similar assignments in the region, as well as in institutional and commercial management of water/wastewater.
o Financial specialist with knowledge of the public financing and modelling.
o Technical specialists and water and wastewater engineers with sound operational experience.
o Environmental and Social expert(s) with experience in E&S due diligence, health & safety, labour, resettlement (land acquisition and livelihood restoration), stakeholder engagement, gender and inclusion, and climate change issues. Experience from similar assignments and recent experience of work in the region.
o Institutional expert with experience of similar assignments.
o Resource efficiency expert with experience in water and waste water treatment.
o Local experts with good communication skills and evidenced technical knowledge of water supply and wastewater.
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